Mosi was a totally fabulous day. The things we saw were extraordinary like: The colossal jet engines, the grand steam trains and the mind bending experiment room. It was absolutely great.

But before anything we went to watch a incredible, mysterious light, magic show. We witnessed a fading ghost; Olivia having her head cut of- which was all in the name of science, Mrs Fearnley being shot with a not so dangerous nerf gun and Seth being cloned in a cloning cube. We learnt lots of things about light while doing these awesome experiments.                                                                                                                                                       Then we went to the fascinating museum of flight and aircraft. There were all different types of these amazing planes, probably one of the BEST and INTERESTING places to visit.  We learnt about homemade planes and even royal-air force helicopters!          It was the most interesting This trip was a once in a life time experience for the whole class and its accessible for all disabilities. Its only in MANCHESTER!! Mosi would be interesting for all ages!



More commonly known as the Museum Of   science and industry is the place for you!

If you like to see amazing artefact, experiments and have awesome experiences, and that is the place to go. You can find this place at Liverpool road, Manchester  m3 4fp are go to

In this amazing place you can find loads of different planes, cars and moter bickse all from different eras.


Come to the jungle of brain-busting experiments, as you leap into the amazing world of transport. You will be gobsmacked on how BIG the history of planes is!

Where is this fantastic place?

MOSI: – Museum Of Science and Industry is located in central Manchester in the North West area of England.

A good network of railways and motorways provides easy access to this thrilling experience!

Open all year round except Christmas Day and Boxing Day. This enables more visitors to explore the magical world of science. Take time out to partake in light refreshments in the clean and airy café or buy a memento of your unforgettable life time experience from the extremely well-stocked, reasonably priced, gift shop.

This action-packed day is suitable for children and adults all ages. Would you like to miss out on this terrific day out?

By Ellie and Chloe W

MOSI – Keelan

Year6 went to a science and industry on Tuesday in Manchester. You can go and see the old planes, cars, motorbikes. Or you can see the old trains. They are open from 10am till 5pm. You should go because you can learn new things and see new thing that you have never seen before.

If you have never been before you should go because it’s amazing and you will enjoy it even if you’re an adult or child. You can get a coin stretched and you can lift a mini with a winder. It’s aimed at anyone, old or young, anyone is welcomed there. There are three different buildings to choses from but it’s your opportunity. You should go tomorrow or even today it’s up to you.

awsome trip to MOSI!


The museum is in Manchester and its good   for all ages, it will take approximately 2h 25min to get there. Its amazing at the museum of science I would recommend it for everyone. You can visit any time between 10am-5pm did you know you can walk, cycle ,bus/coach and go in a taxi.

Mosi stand for – museum of science and industry .You com lift a Minnie. Which is in the science area. You can see all of the mazing stuff also you can take a (#selfie)

Museum Of Science And Industry! {MOSI!}

Whether you’re visiting for the first time, coming back to see what’s new or just popping in for lunch or a coffee with friends, there are a few things you need to know before you set out, to make sure you make the most of your time at MOSI!

Where do I start? MOSI is like a whole new world, when you arrive there it feels like you have been sent back in time! Ever wanted to lift a Mini? Well we can make your dreams come true! See some of the first ever cars made-that’s right some of the first ever cars made! The trains are so rusty that when you touch them you may get ashes on your hands!

Our address is Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4FP. Our main entrance is on Lower Byrom Street, and car park access is via Water Street. Stopping for a bite to eat or shopping for that perfect present? Find out what the museum has on offer!

This accommodation is aimed at senior citizens, toddlers, babies, teenagers and parents/carers! You can get to this exhibit by bus, car, van and maybe even plane if you live far away!

Many thanks for reading this and we hope we will see you soon!

By Courtnie and Joe!


our mosi visit

For educational reasons year 6 went to MOSI and wow we had a good time.

There are a range of different experiments, antique cars, air crafts and trains etc. MOSI means museum of science industry.


You should go because it will most probably be a highlight of your life; they have 3D printing design the future section of the building and have made a model of Old Trafford stadium using the printer.

This museum is in Manchester and it is a 2 hour drive from Yorkshire/Worksop it is a long drive but it is worth the long drive there.

MOSI is a museum and it Is probably aimed at children 7 and up even adults it doesn’t matter what age you are to have fun at this amazing place.

by Isabelle and Oliver


Do you want to miss out on a time of a life trip to a museum? Well then come and visit MOSI now!

MOSI was an amazing museum in Manchester. You should go there because there are loads of fun things and brilliant experiments. The fantastic museum is mainly aimed at kids BUT adults can still learn and find stuff out. You can get there by bus, car, walk and bike.

There is another part full of planes and then biggest plane was called The Shackleton Plane with a wingspan of about 60M and we found out about the water boat which looks like a jet plane. The  museum had trains and jet engines but the trains were giant and you could go and see inside of them. There  was one part where you could  see how  the train engines work and it is VERY confusing because it had about a 100 parts.  There was one machine that dug down about 300M to collect water to bring to the surface.

There was a magic show that explained about light and how it travelled in strait-lines it also told us about reflections and how it bounced of objects.


Who broke the vase?

I was a mean cat that day; I blamed everything on my child owner, Max. But I remember one particular day; it was like a horror film! I broke Max’s Mums VASE! I might have told a teeny- weeny little white lie…


It was one weekend, and Max was taking me to the car boot. I had never been to a car boot so I was really excited. I jumped into the car with a spring in my step waiting for Max to fasten my seatbelt. But then I remembered I don’t have to have a seatbelt; I’m a cat!


Eventually we arrived and Max’s Mum went straight for the vase- that is until she saw the price tag! My English is not perfect, but I’m pretty sure I heard Max’s Mum say £800! Surprisingly she still bought it but unfortunately she had spent all her money on her vase so she couldn’t buy us anything.


Max had to solemnly swear not lay a finger on the vase. Otherwise he would not see the light of tomorrow. Later that day it was dinner time and Max and I rushed downstairs. Forgetting the vase was on the window sill, my tail flicked the tip of the vase, causing it to fall. Smashing to the ground, the vase had seen better days I’m sure.


Mum came from the dining room, seeing all the bits and pieces that used to be her delicate vase.  Max’s Mum looked like she was about to blow. I quickly purred and pointed at Max. She shouted “Max go to your room and stay there!” I had never felt so guilty!


I think my owners honestly dont care about me,  THEY’VE HIDDEN MY TREATS!!!!! I dont know what I have one. All I have done is sit on the sofa and have a stroll outside. I’m sue it is against the law to hide treats from cats.I meowed as loud as I could “GIVE ME MY TREATS BACK” but obviously my owners cat-language skills arent purrfect. i just stropped to my play area to play with my amazing scratching post.

As I was playing around I saw a cat outside he told me to come outside and of course i did he said that he knows were my treats are… i said TELL ME TELL ME. He was a sly cat so obviously i had to do something for him to tell me where the treats are. He told me to stay at his house so my owners dont know were i am and get terrifyingly worried. I said ok…we walked along to his house. I thought it was just going to be a nice day but sadly it wasnt he started to chase me around with a sharp stone. I got so scared i tryed to run away but he caught me. Fortunately he and his owners went to the vets but he kept me in his house.

I noticed he had an open  window i lept out and sprinted home as fast as i could. My owners missed me so much that they gave me my cat treats.